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MAXAM® Bearings are engineered to excel in harsh operating environments where conventional bearings tend to fail. MAXAM Bearings have been proven to perform despite harsh conditions including:

Intense heat

Because of temperature ratings of up to 650 degrees F for standard MAXAM material and 1000 degrees F for high-temperature MAXAM material, MAXAM Bearings can operate in hot applications from steelmaking to industrial and commercial ovens.


Exposure to and/or immersion in water, mild acids, cleaning solutions, or other fluids such as zinc pots, pickling lines, and other items.

Limited frequency or quality of lubrication

In applications when lubrication poses challenges or problems, MAXAM Bearings typically outlast conventional bearings.


Dirt, dust, particulates.

Intermittent or slow-speed operation

MAXAM Bearings sustain speeds up to 450 RPM, depending on size. 

Extreme radial and shock loads

The unique characteristics of MAXAM Bearing design and material enable it to absorb and survive the punishment typical of heavy industrial applications, such as:

Caster Rolls

  • Rolling or bar mills
  • Roll stands
  • Coil and other heavy conveyors 
  • Rail-mounted carts  


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